Student Activity

『Nihonbashi Students Factory』

Nihonbashi Students Factory consists of students of civil engineering and architecture fields of several universities around the TOKYO. It is established in order to invigorate NIHONBASHI area through local people participation.Every year some students from transportation system laboratory have joined the activity and experienced urban planning.
  ▲Nihonbashi Students Factory

『ISSOT (International Student Seminar on Transport Research)』

The ISSOT (International Student Seminar on Transport Research) is a symposium for students and young researchers, mainly from Asia, that focuses primarily on transportation-related themes.
Young researchers and students who are interested in transportation problems in Asian nations come together to shed light on the issues facing them and to discuss possible solutions in English.Each session includes students from roughly ten nations with backgrounds not only in engineering but also in psychology, economics and other fields, making it possible to have truly international and interdisciplinary debate. In this year will be held at BangkokThailand at middle of November. Ryosuke Oshima (Master 2nd) acts as a Students committee member.

『The panel discussion on tomorrow of TOKYO port』

This panel is organized to collect the idea and opinions of young laypersons for further developing TokyoPort which supported life of the Metropolitan citizens. Ryosuke Oshima (Master 2nd) participated the discussion as a committee member.